me, my thoughts, and i


Multi-talented technologist with exemplary record of creating successful interactive solutions. Creative problem solver and committed leader capable of motivating teams to produce engaging software. A hands-on practitioner with extensive expertise in user experience, usability, interactive design, and Web development.

skills and technologies

User Experience * Interactive Design * Web Development * Project Management * Interactive Development * Process Improvement * Strategic Planning * Rich Internet Applications * Resource Management * Business Development * Vendor Selections * Budgeting and Forecasting * Presentation * Mentoring * Usability * Vision and Roadmap Development * Technical Leadership and Innovation

Silverlight * WPF * C# * .NET 2-4 * JavaScript * (X)HTML * JQuery * AJAX * CSS * XML / XSLT * ASP.NET * SQL * SQL Server * Visual Basic .NET * VSTO * Visual Studio * Expression Blend * Expression Web * Visio * Photoshop * SSIS * Entity Framework * WCF/WCF RIA Services * Prism * MEF

purpose and passion

  • Design, architect and develop highly useful software experiences that elegantly balance usability, beauty, and engaging interactivity. Taking a page from Donald Norman, I like to combine the visceral, rational, and reflective aspects of experience to produce software people don’t just use, but love.
  • Apply my intellectual leadership and experience in usability and interactive design to change the way people use and experience software.
  • Drive company success by making technology more engaging, more approachable, more effective, and more relevant.


University of California, Los Angeles

June/1993 | B.A. English Literature

work experience

User Experience Architect

5/2011 – Present | Seahorse Bioscience, Billerica, MA

Currently reimagining the entire interactive experience from the instrument controller to the mobile device. In addition to the interactive design, I’m developing a flexible application architecture using WPF, C#, Prism, and MEF.

User Experience Architect, Development Manager

11/2009 – 1/2011 | Marella Promotion Research, Trumbull, CT

Hands-on technology leader that played the lead role in defining, designing, and developing an cutting-edge and robust line-of-business system.

Accomplishments and Highlights:
  • Transformed the business technology group and was a catalyst for positive change.
  • Successfully implemented agile processes and increased the reliability of delivery and the efficiency of the development team while improving the relationship with the business.
  • Envisioned, prototyped, and implemented a radically different business system that greatly improved the effectiveness of the business and opened up new revenue opportunities.
  • Performed extensive prototyping and analysis to ensure that we developed a system that perfectly matched the designs and desires of the business.
  • Architected a complex, multivariate interactive experience using Silverlight 4.
  • Developed the system soup-to-nuts: Data (SQL Server 2008), DAL (EF4), Service Layer (WCF RIA), User Interface (Silverlight 4 using MVVM pattern).

Consultant, UI/UX

5/2009 – 11/2009 | Marella Promotion Research, Trumbull, CT
New York City Laundry Company

I designed and developed a Website for a new laundry valet company. This involved designing, prototyping, and developing a highly usable registration wizard, a customer control panel, and a robust administrative backend. The company is no longer active, so the website has since been taken down (see my portfolio for screen shots). This is a good example of my wide range of abilities: database modeling, visual design, prototyping, content development, client-side interactivity, and the ASP.NET middle tier. I was literally a one-man show on this project.


I designed and developed a Silverlight 3 website for a company that offers high-end video “retrospectives:” sfumatovideo.com. In addition to the visual design work, I also developed a feature-rich custom video player.

Director, Development and User Experience

9/2008 – 5/2009 | eLumindata, Fairfield, CT

I led a team of 8 developers in the creation of a cloud-based data analytics product. Identified and organized company business goals into a comprehensive and manageable development roadmap. Responsible for project planning, management and measurement. Recruited and interviewed for all positions, and managed multiple vendors and contractors. Met with prospective clients and investors to evangelize our technology and was an integral part of strategy, messaging, and presentations.

Accomplishments and Highlights:
  • Converted an underperforming technology group into a highly-effective team with a strong delivery ethic – the same team that previously failed to meet a single deadline in nearly 2 years hit deadlines 6 months in a row.
  • Improved server framework performance by at least 50 times, delivering an economically-viable infrastructure.
  • Architected an innovative process to drive synergy between marketing, business development, and technology. This process refined our business goals and drove successful development.
  • Introduced agile development lifecycle that produced accurate estimation and flawless delivery.
  • Motivated development team to produce high-quality software under the extreme pressures of a startup environment.

Director of User Experience/UI Architect

2/2007 – Present | eLumindata, Fairfield, CT

I provided day-to-day leadership and direction while navigating a dynamic business landscape. Hired, managed, and reviewed a team of developers and designers. Extensively prototyped work to prove out ideas. Instituted process improvements to deliver effective and efficient workflow. Researched and selected UI frameworks, components, and tools. Oversaw the design of the elumindata.com Web site. Designed and developed a compelling Rich Internet Application using C#, .NET 3.5, and WPF.

Accomplishments as Director of UX:
  • Coded a bleeding-edge WPF application, which included core interactivity, complex data binding, custom control templates, custom controls, command binding and animation.
  • Envisioned and realized a software experience that is simple and approachable, and a key differentiator for the business.
  • Implemented prototyping processes that significantly improved the efficiency of the design and creative effort.
  • Architected a unified interactive framework that allows us to deliver efficiently to the Web, the desktop, and even within Office applications.
  • Crafted a look-and-feel that consistently got rave reviews from potential customers.

Senior Consultant, User Experience

2/2006 – 2/2007 | Statera, Denver, CO

Recruited to help the firm develop a user Experience practice. Created presentation, educational, and sales materials. Helped the sales team find and exploit opportunities. Used extensively by Sales as an interactive evangelist capable of effectively communicating technical concepts. Delivered many successful engagements across a range of disciplines: Web design, interactive development, Web development, information architecture, and usability reviews.

Accomplishments and Highlights:
  • Built a solid foundation and extensive intellectual capital for a user experience practice.
  • Created and delivered user experience presentations to prospective clients that led to successful engagements.
  • Demonstrated strong work ethic and commitment by staying 100% billable while also building the UI/UX practice.

Information and Design Architect

9/2004 - 2/2006 | Teletech, Denver, CO

Designed, architected, and developed four highly-successful Intranet applications that became the centerpiece of a new product offering. Ensured a quality interactive experience by hiring, mentoring, teaching, and directing the other User Interface developers on the team.

Accomplishments and Highlights:
  • Produced several patented innovations.
  • Worked directly with the CEO and other top executives to translate strategic goals into a useful and successful product.
  • Designed and developed a robust client-side framework that allowed us to develop outstanding interfaces with a new level of efficiency.

Senior Developer (Consultant)

6/2004 - 9/2004 | Duke Energy, Denver, CO

Senior Developer (Consultant)

9/2003 - 6/2004 | First Horizon Merchant Services, Denver, CO

Senior Intranet Developer

2/2001 - 4/2002 | Parsons Brinckerhoff, Denver, CO

Development Lead/Senior Developer

1/2000 - 2/2001 | Applied Theory (Tabor Interactive), Denver, CO