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Faced with any sort of technology, very few people take the time to read instructions. Instead, we forge ahead and muddle through.
~  Steve Krug

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Value Driven

I'm continuing to noodle away at this Value-Driven (Idea to Implementation) process. I think I've got something a little simpler now.

The Web Application Framework

The fact that Windows 8 and WinRT will host Web technologies natively got me thinking.

Idea to Implementation v2

In a previous post, I laid down some initial thinking on a flexible framework that would make it easier to manage the way we move from idea to implementation.

The No-Compromise Compromise

During the Build keynotes, Microsoft made a point of referring to Windows 8 as a "no compromise" reimagining of Windows for all devices. The touch-first aspect may be able to make that claim, but there was a big fat turd of a compromise in another part of the system.

Houses of Significance

So, why is social media so successful? We're all, at some scope, fairly insignificant. I'm pretty sure I don't mean much to an exploding star. Hell, I don't mean much beyond my family. And that's the point... within a limited scope of existence, we all matter. It seems perhaps that social media, with it's bottom-up approach, allows one to build a scope of existence that enhances significance.

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Sfumato Screen

Sfumato Video wanted a Web experience that was visually and interactively rich. That meant some advanced CSS, jQuery, image optimization, and even a custom Silverlight Video Player.

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I like to think about, invent, prototype, and build interactive experiences.

My professional background in technology spans the better part of 15 years where I've focused on envisioning, designing, architecting, building, and managing interactive solutions. You can find samples of my work here.